We want to introduce these artists, who very often do not have the right spaces to emerge, hoping that their work will be increasingly appreciated

    • Alessandro Stella

      Alessandro Stella

      Alessandro Stella is a Sicilian artist born in Patti (Me) in '93, he approaches art at an early age showing a marked interest in drawing, a passion cultivated as a self-taught and borrowed from films, books, comics and artists of various kinds .His works, with a strong dreamlike and symbolic component, refer to pop and religious iconography, sci-fi and cyberpunk imagery and Eastern and Western philosophies.Technically he finds delight in mannerism, in juxtaposing human faces and figures with surreal elements to create compositions, through dashes and doodles in ink and Indian ink, and nuanced and clear brushstrokes in traditional and digital painting.His constant expressive research and his strong artistic personality have led him over time to take part in collective exhibitions and similar events (eg. Guglielmo II '20 Award), to be published in sector magazines (eg. Annuario Artisti '21). , Mondadori) and to create paintings, illustrations, portraits and comics for companies and individuals.

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    • Alvise Abella Pino “oculi mei”

      Alvise Abella Pino “oculi mei”

      Alvise Abella Pino aka "oculi miei" was born in Venice in 1997, she moved to Padua in 2009 where she attended the Selvatico art high school starting her passion for illustration, after finishing her studies she dedicated herself to tattooing with a lot of passion that will be after a few years her main profession working in various studios in Padua.

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    • Antonello Jacopo

      Antonello Jacopo

      Jacopo Antonello was born in Padua in 97, graduated from the LB Alberti Institute in Abano Terme as a surveyor. Subsequently he entered the artistic field of tattooing flanked by a tattoo artist and then working in two other studios, first in Abano and then ending in Padua, all at the same time as his studies at the comic school of comics to increase his artistic skills. After the comics in 2020 he began to devote himself entirely to tattooing.

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    • Dario Anzà “Ariarosso”

      Dario Anzà “Ariarosso”

      Dario Anzà aka Ariarosso is a freelance Italian illustrator. He was born in Italy, where he lives and works. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in his hometown, he began to study both traditional and digital illustration techniques. Over the last three years his work has focused on black and white illustration, which has become his favourite way of expressing his creativity.

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    • Elisabetta "Elan" Rizzo

      Elisabetta "Elan" Rizzo

      Elisabetta Rizzo aka "Elan" was born in Padua in '96 from an early age she developed an interest in the world of art, first approaching dance then acting up to drawing and the world of tattoos. He began to draw as a self-taught, first focusing on the manga / comics style, using only paper and pencil, then experimenting with colors on canvas with an abstract style and then arriving at what is today in all respects his form of expression; digital minimal geometric compositions

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    • Enrico Camerra

      Enrico Camerra

      Enrico Camerra-Born and raised in the province of Vicenza, among old illustrated encyclopedias and video games. Already immersed in music, at the age of 22 he also approaches the world of figurative arts. He embarks on the academic path, which he will soon abandon the self-taught path, feeling the weight of the classic path, too slow and dispersive. Thanks to the advice of Maestro Giorgio Scarato, illustrator for Mondadori, Fabbri etc., he delves into traditional painting techniques more and more until he decides to choose illustration as a profession. After attending the CGMA Concept Art Academy in Los Angeles, he currently deals with Illustration and Concept art as a freelancer, alongside teaching.

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    • Fede “Vash”

      Fede “Vash”

      Federico Lovo aka “Vash" ws born in Padua in 1990, since he was a child he has a passion for Japanese manga that change his life. He started drawing as a self-taught artist in high school, representing his recurring dreams and painting miniatures for games, and then he started digital illustration, experimenting with various genres and preferring the stylized one, with Japanese/tattoo references.

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    • Laura Guerra "Drawing Fish"

      Laura Guerra "Drawing Fish"

      Laura Guerra and drawing have always had a strong bond, during the Art School she had not yet found her way in the field of art, feeling that what she was doing was not entirely her own, so she stopped for some time. Then, a few years later, he took something and picked up paper and pencil in his hand, trying with illustration, drawing day and night, during breaks in his work, taking inspiration from everything around him. In his drawings he prefers black and white with a few small touches of colour here and there, the stories and scenes represented are simple, but often contain deep hidden meanings, which everyone can interpret at will.

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    • Leonardo Marcello Grassi

      Leonardo Marcello Grassi

      Leonardo Marcello Grassi was born in 1991, lives and works in Reggio Emilia. He studied art exclusively to achieve his goal: to be a cartoonist. In recent years he has designed several comics and graphic novels for Italy and abroad. Now he is working as a finisher on the Undiscovered Country series for Image Comics.

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    • Nicole Tecchio "Coi"

      Nicole Tecchio "Coi"

      Nicole Tecchio, a young illustrator born in 2000, is studying at DAMS university in Bologna. She has always been fascinated by drawing and art and for some years now she has decided to dedicate herself to her passion for the world of illustration, trying to make a simple pastime become something more. She has had the pleasure of collaborating with other artists and shops managing to publish her first collection of drawings "coi: illustrazioni". She loves to draw in the traditional way using mainly Indian ink, and she has recently approached the digital world trying to experiment to find original ideas that can enrich her experience.

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    • Simone "Trick" Triches

      Simone "Trick" Triches

      Simone Triches aka Trick was born in Belluno in '96 and moved to Ferrara in 2015 where he currently works as an architect. From an early age he felt a strong interest in drawing, the world of manga and comics, conveying towards a graphic and illustrative experimentation. During his university years he approached the field of photo editing and digital drawing, revisiting artistic currents such as classicism and romanticism, deepening the relationship between man and nature, up to the Japanese icongraphy to which he is currently dedicating himself.

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    • Valeria Porta “Salgaja”

      Valeria Porta “Salgaja”

      Salgaja, the artistic name of Valeria Porta, was born in the province of Treviso where she attended the artistic high school; she left the Veneto region to study in Bologna, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts and graduated in July 2020 in Comics and Illustration. She works as an illustrator and is active in the world of Italian underground comics.

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